Unconditional solidarity for the victims of right-wing violence

Ever since last years summer, there has been an extremely persistent series of right-wing attacks in the district of Neukölln compared to the last decades: People, who speak out against nazis and declared them their enemies, get assaulted and threatened by right paroles on walls of their houses, windows of businesses, stores, and apartments have been shattered and cars were torched. All kinds of people were targeted: unionists, members from the SPD or Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, business owners, religious people, and antifascists.

The wide range shows: anyone, who doesn’t match the nazi-image, can be afflicted. The perpetrators’ hate and violence is fed by a racist mindset within society, which has been amplified by public right-wing rallies such as Pegida in Dresden or “Merkel has to go” in Berlin. The public racist voice has been established through the presence of right-wing parties – especially “Alternative for Germany” (AfD), but also NPD – in the media throughout the last two years. That’s the societal atmosphere that allows the perpetrators consider their actions legitimate. That’s the societal atmosphere that they perform their attacks in.

Our solidarity is directed towards the victims of right-wing violence in Neukölln and Berlin! We are on your side without exception and want to reach out to you: you are not alone! We stand together in the fight against nazis, their hatred and their violence. We want to give you comfort for the future, despite the bad experiences you had to deal with. Because, Berlin has more to offer than Nazis: it’s better without Nazis. Our love and empathy is dedicated to you.

Let’s stand together against against Nazis and their human-despising violence, now and in the future. Whether it is at the “Merkel has to go” nazi-protest in Berlin-Mitte on March, 4th, or in Neukölln throughout the coming weeks and months: we are many, and we are united through solidarity. Berlin is better without nazis!