Block the Nazi march! 3.10. Berlin-Hohenschönhausen

On October 3rd, „Der III. Weg“ will march through Hohenschönhausen, North-East Berlin.
„Der III. Weg“ is a small neo-Nazi party whose members are outspoken supporters of the National-Socialist ideology. Previously, most of them were organized in Nazi groups that have since been banned. Wherever and when this party marches, it creates a climate of fear and violence against migrants and those who think and live differently.
Members of „Der III. Weg“ took part in the Anti-Covid-19 demonstrations in Berlin and hope that their planned march on October 3rd, 2020, will lead to more acceptance and support for their inhumane politics. 
We will not allow Berlin to become a central marching-place for neo-Nazis and racists. We will prevent the Nazis from carrying out their march through various different protests and blockades. These Nazis will not get an inch of our city!
We are in solidarity with all people who stand up against the Nazis on this day. Our actions will not cause escalation. Our blockades are human blockades! In the context of the global pandemic, the wearing of facemasks and a strict compliance with the mandatory hygiene rules is our expression of solidarity.
We do not want any Nazis in our city, not on October 3rd or any other day.

Berlin? Better without Nazis!
#b0310 #nonazis #nsstoppen

Meeting point for joint arrival: 11 a.m. Ostkreuz/entrance “Sonntagstraße”

Latest information to be found under:

11 Uhr Hohenschönhausen Zingster Straße / Ribnitzer Straße
12.30 Uhr Hohenschönhausen Lindencenter

More dates:

27.09.: info-talk at KuBiz Weißensee, 2.30pm
28.09.: training: „How to block Nazi Rallies?“ 18-21h at about blank
01.10.: „latest news“, 7pm at Mehringhof
05.10.: solidarity rally because of the court process against antifascist activists, 12am at Landgericht Turmstraße


Hygiene concept for joint arrivals / demonstrations / blockades
At our joint arrivals, demonstrations and blockades we will be wearing face masks. It serves not only to protect us (and those around us) from Covid-19 infections, but is further an expression of our solidarity and togetherness with those most at risk during the crisis. That‘s what distinguishes us from Nazis and Covid-19 deniers.
We are ensuring a minimum distance of at least 1,50m in between all participants.
We are bringing sufficient disinfectant for proper hand hygiene.
People showing common Covid-19 related symptoms during the day or the days before should not participate in any events. The same is said for people who were in contact with potentially infected people or were in known risk areas during the days before.
Specific protective measures to be applied during blockades:
All participants are strongly encouraged to form reference/peer groups. These should consist of no more than 10 people. Please stay together as a group from arrival until departure. 
It is clear, that in dynamic situations the minimum distance cannot always be maintained. We try to avoid these situations or keep them as short as possible.
People from known risk groups are not advised to participate in blockades and are recommended to rather participate in one of the rallies.
Bring your own food and drink – and preferably do not share them with other people. Don’t forget to bring and  wear your personal protection equipment – an  „everyday mask“, or even better – a proper FFP2 mask (without valve) if available.